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Should I litigate over child custody?


There are certain financial implications involved with divorce, including a potential drop in income, division of assets and more. These are usually manageable, though, and any severe financial impact can be mitigated through careful planning and attention to detail. However, there are certain family law issues that some parents find difficult to overcome. Namely, child custody.

Even when Texas parents can work out most of their issues through mediation — a time and cost-effective alternative to traditionally litigated divorce — child custody can be a sticking point. When custody becomes an issue, parents often end up revolving much of their anger, time and energy around it, which can end costing them a lot in the long run. These feelings can cspill over into other areas of divorce, making things that were once nonissues into something much bigger.

Thinking about the future can be hard when dealing with significant life changes. Divorce can feel like it eats up all of person’s time and energy, but it can cost more in the long-run to think only about the here and now. Parents who litigate over the tiny details of child custody sometimes look back at the huge amounts of money they used to do so, and consider how they could have used those funds directly for their children.

No one wants to come out of a divorce without a secure financial foundation. Unfortunately, solving family law issues often feels impossible to do outside of a courtroom, and some people in Texas do not even realize that other options exist. In order to maximize a person’s financial security, establish effective child custody agreements and tackle other complicated topics, confused parents are well advised to seek guidance from an experienced attorney.

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