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Child protection defense: Mother of 3 charged with neglect


For parents, there is usually nothing more important than the safety of their children. Unfortunately, parents are still human and as such are not perfect. Parents in Texas make decisions each and every day that they later regret, wondering if there was a better option at the time. When these decisions lead to allegations of abuse or neglect, mounting a strong and timely child protection defense can be essential.

Texas police recently charged a mother with three felony counts of child neglect. The 30-year-old woman had reportedly left her three children between the ages of 13 and 6 at home by themselves on New Years Eve, 2018. The mother told her children that she would return home in only a few hours time, but she never showed back up.

Later that same night, police arrested the mother on charges of drunk driving. Despite her arrest, she apparently never told authorities about her children being home alone. As such, no one was sent around to retrieve the kids and place them in a safe environment while their mother dealt with her criminal charges. Police did eventually find out about the children and then placed them in the care of one of their family members. Authorities said that there was not sufficient evidence to file charges regarding anything with her children, so it is not clear why the eventually decided to pursue neglect charges.

Texas parents face an inordinate amount of choices every single day, perhaps many more choices than past generations of parents ever faced. Even when parents believe that they are making the right choices they often make mistakes that they wish they could take back. When these mistakes lead to charges for abuse or neglect, there is little time or room for mistakes. A strong and carefully-planned child protection defense can help parents work toward regaining custody of their children.

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