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Divorce can be a positive step in the New Year ahead


The choice to file for divorce is never easy, no matter how amicable the two parties may be. Ending a marriage is a long process, and it can lead to financial changes for both spouses. Concerns over money and economic status post-divorce is one of the main reasons why people have concerns about moving ahead with this step, even if they are ready to do so.

Thankfully, a divorce does not necessarily have to result in financial devastation for you. With preparation and a knowledge of your rights, you can pursue final terms that allow you to have security and stability well into the future. In fact, there may actually be an advantage to filing for and finalizing your divorce in the New Year.

A fresh start starts now

Now that the holidays are over, many people are thinking about divorce in the New Year. The end of the year is a stressful time, and this pressure can cause people to realize they are ready for this step. Some people may be going through one last holiday season with their children before filing. There are many reasons why a person may decide it’s time to file for divorce, and they are all deeply personal and important.

There is an increase in divorce filings in the month of January. If you assume that divorce is always complicated and messy, it may be a comfort to you to learn that does not have to be the case. Thanks to the possibility of filing for a no-fault divorce, it’s possible to proceed through this process relatively quickly and easily. Of course, this requires a willingness to work together on the terms of your final divorce order and avoid litigation.

Take back financial control

You may have serious concerns about your finances, particularly if you did not work outside the home or earned significantly less than your spouse. Texas property division laws give you the right to claim an equitable share of marital property and financial support through alimony payments. Both of these things allow you the ability to secure a final property division order that allows for a strong and stable future. 

The impact of your choices

Every decision you make during the property division process will impact your future. There is a lot on the line, but with the right help, you can look to your post-divorce years with confidence. Because of what is at stake, you may find it beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney before you make any choices that will affect your future.

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