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Maintain a strong child protection defense against false claims


For Texas parents, there are few things more terrifying than potentially losing access to their children. These fears may be realized when under investigation by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Maintaining a strong child protection defense is often essential for parents who are eager to be reunited with their children or to maintain custody.

When facing false claims, many parents think that the truth will ultimately come out and their name will be cleared. While most people want to believe that truth always prevails over lies, it is much better to assert the truth in a professional manner rather than wait for it to hopefully make its way out. Since neglect or abuse claims involving minors are a delicate matter, this often involves working alongside a professional.

Parents may also want to contact those who they think would be willing to provide testimony on their behalf. This may be understandably difficult, as most parents may not feel comfortable divulging details of false abuse allegations, but it is still important. Friends, family members and neighbors who can provide valuable testimony on a parent’s behalf can highlight the false nature of some claims.

This can be a difficult process for parents and children alike. Most Texas parents take their responsibility of raising and protecting their children very seriously, and accusations of abuse or neglect can be incredibly damaging. In such cases, early and careful planning regarding child protection defense can help families reach the most appropriate solution for their own unique situations.

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