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Parents mount child protection defense in crib case


A case of an allegedly caged child is sure to grab headlines. The real impacts of such a claim, that a parent would cage a child, can prove disastrous for a family if the assertions are inaccurate or untrue. A recent case involving a disabled child called for the parents to mount a child protection defense in order to have their child returned to their care. Families in Texas who may be facing false allegations of child abuse or neglect may be interested in the details of this particular news story. 

The child’s special needs teacher supposedly visited the parents’ home and saw a crib that she described as looking like a cage for a dangerous animal. Police reports indicate that authorities saw the crib as a metal cage with plywood on it, supposedly to keep the child from escaping. The attorney for the family asserts that the authorities have sent the wrong message. The crib, he says, looks like something out of the past, but was not intended to harm the child. 

After police and child services involvement, the family was able to access more resources for the disabled child, who is diagnosed with autism. Since the 2016 incident, the child was returned to the parents and the family’s lawyer says he is doing well. He insists that the charges were blown out of proportion and the issue has been addressed. 

A serious charge of child neglect can result in jail time for the parents and a traumatic separation for the child. Every case of child abuse or neglect should be taken seriously, but in the instance where the parents have been falsely accused, steps must be taken to preserve the family. In Texas, an experienced attorney can assist a parent in mounting a robust child protection defense against charges of neglect. 

Source:, “I-Team: Lawyer defends parents of ‘caged child'”, Vanessa Murphy, March 20, 2018

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