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A child protection defense team can keep your child with family


For Texas parents, there is nothing worse than being accused of compromising the well-being of your children. Sadly, this is the reality that many loving parents face every day. When dealing with these types of allegations, it is essential for parents to work with a qualified child protection defense team, which will ensure that the involved child’s best interests are respected and that the parent’s rights are also upheld.

Any type of allegation involving children is treated seriously, and understandably so. Children need caring and compassionate advocates on their side, and when authorities have reason to believe that parents are not taking on that role, it is sometimes necessary to temporarily remove them. However, the mental impact of separating parents and their children cannot be overlooked.

Although certainly not a replacement for parents, placing children in the care of family members before looking into outside foster care placements can be beneficial. Staying with a familiar loved one may be less stressful for children. Unfortunately, many parents feel that social workers overlook this option and instead immediately pursue the foster care option. Ultimately, keeping families together when possible is essential.

Many Texas parents report feeling overlooked, ignored or even steamrolled when dealing with child protection services. This sometimes leads to children being unfairly placed into foster care without authorities ever truly considering the benefits of a family placement. A comprehensive child protection defense team can advocate for this approach, which helps protect children, families and parents who are working to bring their children back home.

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