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January is the busiest month for divorce, and here’s why


Although people decide to call it quits on relationships throughout the year, January is typically the busiest month. More new divorces are filed this month than the others, and the experts have a few thoughts as to why. Texas residents considering a breakup in January may be able to look at this list and see some of their own reasons for divorce reflected there. 

Many divorces boil down to disputes about income, infidelity and incompatibility. January, with its promise of fresh starts, and coming hot on the tail of the holiday season, may see some of these issues at their breaking point. The holidays, for some, put pressure on a person to experience the ideal of family togetherness, intimacy and love. When the holidays come and go without experiencing these warm and fuzzy feelings, a person may realize that it’s time to move on. 

The stress of the holidays may also cause some situations to get worse. For example, a person’s drinking or substance abuse may be increased during the stress of a holiday. Holiday socializing can lead to infidelity. Or a person may just have a resolution to make a positive change in life and move forward without a spouse. 

Of course, every situation is unique, and there is no one reason why more couples head to divorce in January, but it seems like holiday stress and New Year’s resolutions play a major role. A person in Texas considering divorce may not want to tackle it alone. Family law attorneys are available for some individuals who choose to get help with the process. 

Source:, “Nineteen reasons why January is busiest month for new divorce filings“, Henry Gornbein, Jan. 2, 2018

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