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A focus on best interests can help child custody negotiations


A parent who is facing a divorce will likely be concerned about the future of the children involved. Many people hope to avoid any problems that could lead to a long, uncomfortable child custody battle that will affect their kids. It is possible to strive for this ideal, to keep the best interests of the children at the forefront and come to a workable solution for Texas families undergoing the divorce process. 

Most of the time, the courts presume that both parents will share the responsibility of raising the children after a separation. If one parent believes that he or she should have access to the children more of the time, or is he or she believes that it is not in the best interests of the children to be with the other parent, generally they will need to prove this in court. If the other parent objects, then a child custody battle may follow. 

In some cases, this is unavoidable, but for others, having a discussion between the parents about achieving a solution that supports the best interest of the children is ideal. Sometimes, a separating couple can choose mediation to talk over and negotiate a fair custody solution. Mediation or a collaborative divorce can allow the parents to work together to decide what is best instead of relying upon a judge to make the decisions for them. 

For some, taking the time for an attempt at communication and resolving the child custody issue can help create a healthier environment for the child. Of course, every case is different and the right solution may look different for everyone. In Texas, many people often choose to use the services of an experienced family law lawyer for more help during the divorce process. 

Source:, “How To Get Custody After Divorce”, Kevin J. Chroman, Esq., Jan. 29, 2018

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