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Starting over after divorce


For individuals going through a painful breakup, the thought of beginning again may seem intimidating. It can be hard to imagine, but a person can start again after a divorce and have a life that is enjoyable. For individuals in Texas going through the end of their marriage, a few common suggestions may help them meet the challenges of this trying time. 

The end of a marriage can bring up a full spectrum of emotions, so one of the common suggestions is to allow oneself to feel them. Suppressing emotion typically doesn’t help, and it can be helpful to remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel. It can also sometimes be useful to talk it out with a professional counselor, who can help a person work through the emotions of the marital breakup and remind the individual about healthy coping skills. 

A major concern for many divorcing individuals is the well-being of their children. A person who focuses on working together with an ex in the best interests of the children will often have good outcomes. Other considerations are allowing oneself time to heal, using self-help resources, and above all else, staying hopeful. 

The amount of recovery time post-divorce will vary for each individual. One thing that also may enable a person to start over on a good foot is a comprehensive and amicable divorce settlement. For many individuals in Texas, an optimized marital solution was aided by the experience and knowledge of a family law attorney. 

Source:, “How You Can Start Again After Divorce“, Feb. 6, 2018

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