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Will my wife automatically get her way with child custody?


Divorcing the mother of your children can be an emotional experience. As a father, you may feel worried about how much time you will have with your kids after your divorce. This is understandable as, looking back at how these matters were handled in the past, Texas mothers seemed to come out on top in child custody matters. 

Your child’s best interests should be the focal point of any custody agreement you create. Historically, most family law courts assumed that all children benefited most from having their mothers act as primary custodians. Now courts understand that there is far more nuance in these matters. 

Ultimately, the vast majority of kids are best off when they have easy and open access to both parents. While this might not necessarily mean shared custody in which your kids spend half their time with you and half with their mother, it does mean that the old idea of “visiting dad” a couple times a month is out. You may even end up being a more involved parent after divorce than you were before. 

Any child custody agreement you make should always respect your children’s best interests. However, since there is no standard for best interests, figuring out exactly what those interests are can be overwhelming and confusing. Working alongside counsel who are experienced in Texas family law can be essential for reaching a custody agreement that is not only the best solution for your children, but that you and your ex can also agree on. 

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