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Tips for creating a child custody plan


Parents who are separating want to be able to create a plan that sets the guidelines for how they will parent together after a divorce. There are ways to draft a child custody plan that is fair for the parents and in the best interests of children. When Texas parents keep the facts and their goals in mind while creating a parenting plan, they may be able to make the co-parenting process a bit easier. 

It can be tempting to let emotions get in the way when making parenting decisions, but the facts are what will comprise a good parenting plan. An individual can start by keeping track and taking notes. Knowing both parents work schedules, history of abuse, and ability to provide all go into consideration when individuals work on a custody agreement. 

Some parents are able to work together on this process by keeping the best interests of the children at the center. In other cases, the parents cannot come to an agreement and a judge will help the parents settle the case. When individuals remember not to try to use custody as a way to get back at one’s ex, and understand that children deserve a relationship with both parents (barring any dangerous situations or abuse), they can generally come to an agreement that works for everyone. If not, the court will make the necessary decisions.

Parents in Texas may find themselves in need of a child custody plan. It can be a challenge to draft the plan alone or with one’s ex due to the emotions involved. For more assistance, many individuals choose to work with an experienced family law attorney when creating their child’s co-parenting plan. 

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