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In 2018, these family law problems are common


Couples are apt to fight over just about anything at the end of a marriage. Many family law attorneys in Texas have just about seen it all. Some lawyers who work closely with couples calling it quits say they are seeing new off-the-wall trends in what couples differ about during the divorce process. 

Thanks to advances in technology, couples with fertility issues can freeze an embryo for some assistance with reproduction. At the end of a marriage, those frozen embryos may be disputed personal property. While the embryo belongs to both parents, some courts have decided that it is not permissible for one person to force another to be a parent against his or her will. 

Couples calling it off could also end up arguing over who gets the nanny. Having the support of an experienced caregiver can be a useful tool for a parent, but sharing the nanny with a co-parent could be a recipe for gossip and miscommunications. During the child custody discussion, the couple may need to have a talk about how the nanny can be used to best support the needs of the children. 

There are plenty of other reasons that a couple may find themselves disagreeing during the divorce process. Social media is another emerging issue that individuals facing divorce are dealing with. Overall, however, the same major family law matters seem to emerge time after time. In Texas, a person facing divorce may want to choose a savvy family law attorney to help navigate the proceedings.

Source:, “Lawyers Reveal the 5 Weirdest Things Couples in 2018 are Fighting Over”, Jen Glantz, April 3, 2018

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