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Prenups can ease divorce for Millennials


Marriage discussions tend to overlook a very important group of people — Millennials. Although it is often pointed out that Millennials tend to put off marriage more than past generations, there is usually little else on the topic. This leaves many people in Texas without any gainful information regarding marriage and divorce, especially when it comes to prenuptial agreements.

Prenuptial agreements are typically viewed as only for the very wealthy or celebrities. This belief might be further imprinted in the minds of Millennials by their own parents’ lack of marital agreements. However, past generations tended to settle down and marry much more quickly, before either party had a chance to accrue any type of meaningful personal assets.

Choosing to first live together or to simply delay marriage until a later age is increasingly common, which gives people more of an opportunity to build up their own assets. Most Millennials have an understandable desire to protect their property no matter how the future might play out. A survey recently showed that marital attorneys across the United States had collectively seen an increase in Millennial couples seeking help with prenuptial agreements.

Although a prenuptial agreement cannot be used to dictate child support matters, it is still incredibly useful for protecting business interests, Texas property holdings and even future family inheritances. Depending on each spouse’s current income, some couples also choose to create prenups that cover how alimony will be handled. Divorce can be a contentious part of life, but it can be made easier by addressing serious issues through a carefully worded prenuptial agreement.

Source:, “Why Happy Couples Don’t Get Prenups (Even Though Divorce Lawyers Say It’s a Millennial Trend)“, Monica Gabriel Marshall, Sept. 15, 2017

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