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Divorce agreements will change over time


When you and your spouse decide it is time to divorce, it will take some time before you reach the legal conclusion of that divorce. Once you sign your divorce agreement, it will feel like you’ve accomplished something, even though it may not necessarily be a happy moment in your life. You have still achieved something by completing your divorce, but you shouldn’t get too comfortable.

It is easy to think that once that divorce agreement is finalized that you won’t have to be worry about the details therein. However, this simply isn’t the case. Time will move on and life will change. Your circumstances will change. Your ex-wife’s or ex-husband’s circumstances will change. And when these changes occur, it is imperative that you sit down and modify or revise your agreement, whatever it may entail.

What if your spouse is moving to a different state? What if dramatic changes in your life or your former spouse’s life change the parenting time or custodial arrangements that you two have? What if a decrease in income or the loss of a job changes the support payments that either of you are making? These are just three examples of the myriad changes that can arise after you sign a divorce or custody agreement.

We at The Jacqueline R. McNutt understand that life can, and will, change — and we want to be there for you when it does. Consult with our attorneys to effectively address any modifications in your divorce or custody agreement.

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