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Texas family law accounts for the fact that you life could change


When you finalized your divorce and/or child custody agreement, you may have attempted to account for the inevitable changes that life can bring. However, no one can account for every possible change, and there could come a time when you need to change the terms of your agreements. Fortunately, Texas family law accounts for the fact that you may need to modify, or even enforce, your divorce settlement or child custody agreement to better fit the current circumstances.

Perhaps you received an employment opportunity that requires you to relocate and you want to take your children with you. Or perhaps the other parent seeks to do so. In the alternative, your income may have changed, and you can no longer afford to make the child support payments previously ordered. At the same time, as children grow, their needs often change, and any agreements you and the other parent made regarding custody and visitation may need modification in order to continue to serve the best interests of your children.

On the other hand, you could experience difficulties in receiving child support from the other parent and need to have the current order enforced. The same could be said for custody arrangements. Perhaps the other parent does not follow the agreement the two of you made, which either results in your not being able to see your children as agreed or with the other parent not seeing the children as he or she agreed.

Regardless of what family law issues you currently have due to a change in circumstances, you may have options available to you. Exploring those options may require the assistance of an experienced Texas attorney. He or she may be able to help you find unique solutions to your issues and guide you through the court process to make the changes you need, if possible.

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