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Uncontested divorce can save time and money


Ending a marriage is often an emotional process, even if the proceedings are amicable. Both parties must make many important decisions, some of which will determine post-divorce financial stability and the preservation of existing parent-child relationships. While uncontested divorces in Texas are typically less traumatic than litigated divorces, those facing these issues may have questions about the different steps involved in an uncontested divorce.

Agreeing about everything can save time and money. However, this only works for couples who can sit down to discuss and resolve property division and child-related issues such as parenting plans and more. In these types of proceedings, the court will only issue a final divorce decree if agreements have been reached on all material issues to the satisfaction of the court.

Agreeing to a settlement is a priority before starting the official divorce procedures. It is not always possible to find consensus on all issues, and some divorcing couples are able to achieve their goals by using mediation. A mediator can facilitate negotiations that may resolve all material issues. 

Even though a couple does not plan to battle in court, each spouse will still benefit by seeking the support and guidance of an experienced divorce attorney. A lawyer can explain the process and assist with negotiations or help with mediation, particularly since a mediator cannot provide legal advice. It’s important to ensure that all principal issues have been considered and fully resolved. The attorney can also review the final agreement to ensure legality before filing it with the appropriate Texas family court.

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