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Child Support Archives

Texas man fights child support mishap

The father thought he was being responsible by paying all his child support obligations. Although he was no longer with the mother of his children, he upheld his end of the bargain and paid child support to her throughout the childhood of his kids. When they finally of age, a judge found that he had paid his responsibilities in full and, in fact, was entitled to a refund of a small overpayment. Unfortunately, just 30 days later, the state of Texas took his tax refund check, claiming that he owed over $6,000.

Child support enforcement technology could see an upgrade

States may see some support from the federal government for an important program that supports the well-being of children. Currently, each state is responsible to monitor and enforce child support payments from individuals in their own location. A proposed federal program would create an IT service that would take on these duties for all 50 states, making states like Texas not responsible to maintain its own program. 

Child support included in Jesse William's temporary settlement

"Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams has recently been in the news in Texas for his ongoing divorce. In a recent update, he and his ex-wife announced that they reached a temporary settlement, allowing them both to move forward for now. Included in the temporary settlement are orders for spousal and child support.

Court-ordered child support provides financial security

Providing children physical security and daily necessities relies on a certain level of financial security. For divorced parents with sole physical custody or unmarried parents, child support is often where much of that financial security comes from. Although some Texas parents are hesitant to involve their child's other parent in a legal matter such as child support, doing so usually proves best.

Struggling to pay child support?

While financially supporting your child is a must, sometimes you may find it a challenging task. What can you do if you honestly cannot afford to meet your child support obligation? According to the state of Texas, you may have the ability to seek an order adjustment.

Texas child support basics

Providing financial support for one's child is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when money is tight after going through a divorce. However, in order to make sure that children have their basic needs met, the state of Texas has certain child support guidelines in place to which parents must abide. This week's column will give a brief overview of child support basics.

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