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November 2019 Archives

Crafting a parenting plan that will work for years to come

When you and your spouse make the choice to file for divorce, you are probably most concerned with what will happen with your children. You want to provide them with stability and continuity of lifestyle as much as possible. You may also strive to give them the opportunity to have a solid relationship with both parents, even after your divorce is final.

These four behaviors can predict divorce

Marriage is different for everyone in Texas, and what works for one couple might not for another. One thing that many marriages do have in common are the reasons for filing for divorce. According to a psychologist who, starting in 1992, studied the stability of relationships and marriages, there are four behaviors that indicate whether a marriage will end in divorce within six years.

Child protection services removed infant after fall

Parents know how important it is to seek prompt medical attention for serious injuries, so getting children to the emergency room is a priority. Unfortunately, some doctors misinterpret children's injuries. An attentive parent who was just doing his or her best to get medical treatment for a child could end up being investigated by child protective services. In 2018, two Texas parents went through this exact situation.

When can I change my child custody and support orders?

Your child support and custody arrangement might have been the right solution at the time in which they were created, but now they are no longer relevant. Maybe you feel frustrated or even embarrassed to be in this situation and are wondering why you can no longer make it work. You are not the first person in Texas to go through this exact situation. Even the most carefully constructed child custody agreements cannot predict the future, and making changes is sometimes necessary.

How Texas treats community property during divorce

Whether it's outfitting the family home with new furniture or making investments, the average married couple in Texas probably end up amassing much more community property than they might realize. If a couple decides to divorce, all that community property has to be divided up. This can feel like a daunting task when someone sits down to evaluate just which property is community. Here is some guidance provided by Texas state law.

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