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July 2018 Archives

How can I prepare for alimony discussions in divorce?

The idea of making regular payments to an ex is difficult for some Texas divorcees. Particularly for those who do not have children, the idea of making a clean break and going on their separate ways is preferable to maintaining ties through alimony. However, since alimony is a reality for most people, it is best to start the divorce process as prepared as possible. 

Divorce and student loans -- more connected than you think

Student loan debt may seem like it is spiraling out of control. College graduates in Texas often leave school with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, repaying those loans can be both financially and emotionally stressful. That is perhaps one of the reasons why student loan borrowers are slightly more likely to see their marriages end in divorce.

Who qualifies for child support in Texas?

There is no denying it -- kids are expensive. From yearly school supplies to new clothes to fees for extracurricular activities, the cost of raising a child in Texas can sometimes seem astronomical. Child support is an essential tool for parents who are divorced or are raising their child without the help of the other parent. However, exactly which parent qualifies for support payments is not always clear.

What if I need to modify a child custody order?

Texas courts issue child custody orders after carefully considering whether they promote the best interests of the children. However, circumstances can change. Whether the changes happen to the child's needs or the parents' circumstances, you may find yourself needing to ask the court to modify the terms of the original order.

Divorce? Millennials may be more protected than past generations

Marriage is about the union of two people in love, yes, but some millennials also understand something else -- marriage is a legal contract with obligations from both parties. More than past generations, millennials in Texas seem to be interested in prenuptial agreements and the protections that these valuable documents afford. In the case of divorce, these individuals tend to have more to protect as well as more to protect themselves from.

Divorce and retirement -- are you ready?

From who gets the house to how debt should be split, people often feel like they must make dozens of tiny financial decisions when ending their marriage. In many ways this can be an emotionally exhaustive period, but it is important to stay on top of this process through the very end of a divorce. Otherwise, Texas divorcees could risk their financial security for retirement.

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