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March 2018 Archives

Father fights to regain child custody of his daughter

A man in another state is heartbroken as he attempts to reunite with his child. The father has filed a lawsuit against a county Department of Social Services, claiming that he was deceived into signing away his parental rights. The child custody case has roots that go back years, and the county's practice of having parents sign the documents has been questioned before. Parents in Texas having custody issues may certainly be able to relate to the man's unfortunate case. 

Parents mount child protection defense in crib case

A case of an allegedly caged child is sure to grab headlines. The real impacts of such a claim, that a parent would cage a child, can prove disastrous for a family if the assertions are inaccurate or untrue. A recent case involving a disabled child called for the parents to mount a child protection defense in order to have their child returned to their care. Families in Texas who may be facing false allegations of child abuse or neglect may be interested in the details of this particular news story. 

3 tips for finding the right family law attorney

When you trust someone to advocate on your behalf, you want to have full confidence in this person’s ability to represent you. You also want to make sure the two of you have what it takes to establish an effective working relationship. Hiring a family law attorney is an investment, so it is wise to make efforts early on to research each potential attorney and improve your chances of finding the right fit for you.

Prenuptial agreements can help lovers dodge contentious divorce

Prenuptial agreements are a useful tool for individuals who anticipate that someday they may need to end their marriage. A timely, honest and properly drafted prenup can help an individual avoid an acrimonious divorce by setting expectations well in advance of any trouble. Many Texas couples choose to utilize the prenup and ease their minds about potential issues during a breakup. 

Common threads that ease family law matters

Breaking up a marriage can create conflict by its very nature, which is why many automatically think of battles when the topic comes up. Luckily, this isn't always the case, and many people are able to find a middle ground in which they are able to split from a soon-to-be ex-partner amicably. Family law matters in Texas are settled every day without bitterness or acrimonious fighting when individuals show some common threads. 

How divorce can affect federal employer benefits

Regular life events can affect any employee's income and employment benefits. If a person is a federal employee, certain policies go into effect during and after a divorce and will impact the benefits in various ways. A federal employee in Texas, or a person formerly married to one, will need to take certain steps to manage changes in benefits during a divorce. 

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