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January 2018 Archives

A focus on best interests can help child custody negotiations

A parent who is facing a divorce will likely be concerned about the future of the children involved. Many people hope to avoid any problems that could lead to a long, uncomfortable child custody battle that will affect their kids. It is possible to strive for this ideal, to keep the best interests of the children at the forefront and come to a workable solution for Texas families undergoing the divorce process. 

Family law policy and health insurance

Breaking up with a spouse can leave a person with financial challenges. For an ex-spouse who has previously been on a partner's health insurance plan, the end of a marriage can also mean the end of the health insurance. Both Texas state and federal family law policies give some insight to how divorce will affect an individual's health insurance coverage.

Is it hard to get court-ordered alimony?

Alimony is not always easy to get, and states have varying requirements for court-ordered alimony. In Texas, it can be tricky to get. This is because Texas generally wants to create incentives for people to maintain employment. The theory is that alimony, especially long-term alimony, creates a reason for people to not find jobs.

More states deciding fate of pets in divorce

While not on the same par as a child custody battle, for many couples, deciding who gets the pet may be nearly as upsetting. Pets are frequently the source of emotional support and an intangible security that may be a devastating loss following a divorce. Although Texas has not yet passed laws regarding the assignment of pets at the end of a marriage, other states are finding it necessary to address the issue head-on.

Tax law changes bring family law issues to the forefront

Usually, couples are running to the altar, but with recent tax changes, couples in unhappy marriages may be rushing toward a quick divorce. The new tax plan is wide-ranging, but one change in how alimony will be treated has some individuals wanting to close the deal before it goes into effect. In Texas, individuals considering divorce will also have to take state law into account, and family law advisors are still putting the puzzle together.

January is the busiest month for divorce, and here's why

Although people decide to call it quits on relationships throughout the year, January is typically the busiest month. More new divorces are filed this month than the others, and the experts have a few thoughts as to why. Texas residents considering a breakup in January may be able to look at this list and see some of their own reasons for divorce reflected there. 

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