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November 2017 Archives

Texas reality stars feud over divorce agreement, alimony

Armando and Veronica Montelongo might be known for their "Flip This House" show, but the Texas couple has been divorced for years. Their split recently made news again when Veronica claimed that her ex-husband failed to make multiple alimony payments. She claims that he violated their divorce agreement, and the two headed back to court.

Facing abuse allegations? You need child protection defense

Allegations of child abuse are understandably serious, and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services -- DFPS -- will usually launch an investigation into such claims. This can be an understandably frightening period for families. Many are unsure of what child protection defense they might need or how to handle the possible removal of their children.

Want a successful divorce? Don't forget about taxes

Even when it is the most emotionally healthy decision to make, there is little denying that ending a marriage may have severe financial impacts. These effects can be minimized or circumvented altogether by careful and rigorous planning, particularly when it comes to taxes. Many potential tax issues can be addressed in divorce settlements to save both parties confusion and money down the road.

Handling major holidays, post-divorce

Divorcing is rarely easy for anyone involved, and sometimes, the holiday season can make things even more difficult. Maybe you are gearing up to spend your first holiday season without your ex-partner, or perhaps you are having a hard time adjusting to the loss of certain traditions and customs. You may, too, be struggling because you typically spend your special days with your children, and you are a recent divorcee who will soon celebrate without them for the first time.

There's no child custody plan; should I worry about paternity?

No two families in Texas are alike. Each has its own needs that must be addressed, from getting married to filing for divorce, creating child custody arrangements and even establishing paternity. Paternity is especially important for unmarried parents -- especially fathers -- as private agreements made solely between parents are usually not legally binding, and cannot be enforced by the family law courts.

Credit card debt must be divided during divorce

Ending a marriage involves several different smaller processes, including asset division and determining various support payments, such as alimony or child support. Although most people in Texas understand that they must divide up marital property during divorce proceedings, many are unaware that debt must also be divvied up. However, not all debt is handled the same, and credit card debt should be given careful consideration.

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