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Struggling to pay child support?

While financially supporting your child is a must, sometimes you may find it a challenging task. What can you do if you honestly cannot afford to meet your child support obligation? According to the state of Texas, you may have the ability to seek an order adjustment.

Maintaining a relationship for the health of the children

Texas families understand how difficult maintaining familial relationships can be when a couple with children decides that it is best to divorce. Everyone is under stress, and the feelings of hurt or resentment do not disappear overnight, unfortunately. Yet despite all of this, many parents are managing to remain cordial for the well-being of their children.

Considering nesting as an option when negotiating child custody

The end of a marriage can be a highly stressful and emotional period, perhaps especially for couples who have children together. Child custody is a major concern for parents in Texas and across the country, many of whom wish to protect their kids from suffering throughout the process. One area in particular that is a concern for some parents concerns future living arrangements, prompting some to consider nesting as a viable option.

3 ways to help kids deal with divorce

Divorce is a major change to deal with, and as stressful as it is for adults, it can be even more difficult for kids who are caught in the middle. While it is important to be mindful of what your kids may be going through, it is more beneficial to seek out solutions than it is to fret about the negative impact the situation might be having. There are several ways you can help kids deal with divorce and its effects.

Uncontested divorce can save time and money

Ending a marriage is often an emotional process, even if the proceedings are amicable. Both parties must make many important decisions, some of which will determine post-divorce financial stability and the preservation of existing parent-child relationships. While uncontested divorces in Texas are typically less traumatic than litigated divorces, those facing these issues may have questions about the different steps involved in an uncontested divorce.

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